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This is not your typical Law of Attraction or Self-Help book. It isn’t 250 pages long telling you that thinking positive will guarantee you a life of riches and never ending happiness. This isn’t your psychology text book or a pre-teen guide about being a “good person”. This is a book that challenges women of all ages to lead a better life by changing their perspective with a combination of all of the above.

First of “The Girl’s Guide” series is, “The Girl’s Guide To: Being Unbothered”, a powerful short guide that ensures a positive outlook by giving women the freedom of knowing they are in control of their own life. This book will teach you how to view things in your own way, handle outside perceptions of you and look at life in it’s simplicity. Unlike many self-help books, this guide is very short and to the point so that readers can painlessly reference back whenever they’re feeling a little “bothered”.

Alexandriiah, the Creator of The Worst Adviice blog, guarantees that you will lead the life you want after reading her 11 essential tips to being unbothered. After reading this guide no drama, petty BS or judgements can affect you, unless you let them…Go ahead and start the first day of the rest of your life being unbothered…