3 Reasons Why You Should Stay Single

When you’re single, it’s easy to believe the grass is greener. You see the cute relationship pictures on instagram, you see couples in the park, you look around it seems that everyone is in love. However, if you’re single, you’re so not alone. And it also, isn’t something to dwell on either. Nine times out of ten, there actually is someone who wants to be with you but you don’t feel the same…or vise versa. Here are 3 reasons where it is totally okay that you’re still solo!

NO HEARTACHE, NO GAMES: When you’re single, you don’t have to worry about being played or cheated on. You’re totally chillin’ and that’s cool. Relationships can be a lot of stress when you’re worried about whether your significant other is doing right by you. You have friends in relationships and girl you know that shit isn’t all peachy keen. So relax and be happy that you have one less thing to stress about!

FREEDOM: When you’re single you don’t have to worry about it, when you happen to meet someone new. You have the freedom to date, try different things and meet new people without hurting someone else’s feelings. Don’t worry about still being solo because there is a whole world of men/women to meet!

TIME TO IMPROVE: Maybe you weren’t very mature in your relationship? Maybe you couldn’t handle a lot of the responsibilities of a relationship? Maybe you needed space? Everyday you learn something new and the more you learn, the more you can apply your knowledge to any new relationship. When you’re single you have time to improve for your future partner and most importantly yourself! So get yourself to the level of your dream guy so you can meet him at least half way!

Being single is awesome. You have time to heal, roam and learn! You’re improving for your next boo, so enjoy while it lasts! Cheers to you b*tch!

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