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Guys, sometimes you are a little insensitive. You don’t understand how much we give up for you. Some of us our entire identity, which is not healthy by the way. It’s the little things that count but do you ever count the little things and appreciate them? I think not, baby. Here are a few things that you guys don’t appreciate about us:

Vagina Scares

Vagina’s are so weird, ya know. Men are lucky they just deal with erections, pee and blue balls. Us girls have so much going on down there that affects our entire bodies. It isn’t just periods. Little did you know, us girls have to deal with paranoia every time our vagina acts weird after we’ve had sex with you. A whole world you never have to think about. Like those late nights rushing to the pharmacy because the condom broke. Can I get a Plan B?! Or the anxious feeling of taking a pregnancy test after our period is late? Or even gross, those new his and hers lubricated condoms that can throw off our PH and give us an annoying yeast infection. The emotional roller coaster we have to go through just to have sex with you that you’ll never have to deal with. Lucky you!



Some guys trim their pubic hair, some shave it all off and some just let it grow wild. Us girls don’t have that privilege. Well we do but its looked down upon to have a wild bush. Unless their man is into that. Anyway, we are encouraged to be bare as if we’re prepubescent. Shaving is annoying and causes those annoying razor bumps that can scar. And those ingrown hairs that grow the size of a pea and hurt to touch. Yikes. And don’t get me started on waxing. Ouch! The things we do for your eyes.



You say you want a girl as bad as Kim Kardashian? Well that includes some highlight/contour and a lot of hair extensions, boo. We go through a lot to look beautiful for you. We get our hair done, make sure our lipgloss is popping and work out every other day just so you can have a dime piece on your arms. All you have to do is shave and get a shape up. Not all of us woke up like this but we look flawless for you. Appreciate it.


Blow Jobs

You don’t know how difficult it is to please you guys. I’m guessing you’ve never given a BJ before…(hope not). It ain’t easy brotha and isn’t that fun. They call it a job for a reason. And you should pay us with lots of love and appreciation, okay?

(No GIF for this one tee hee)

Guy Stuff

Some girls enjoy sports and video games. I enjoy video games but not sports. Yet I pretend to enjoy and be interested just to share the excitement. We don’t feel like watching you play a one player game for three hours straight but we do it cause we love you. We cheer when the team scores because we want to share that moment with you. It’s better to fake than sit there with a scowl and you asked us what’s wrong.

Cancel Plans For You

We could be at the club, looking good, throwing some back and getting our ego stroked but we’re here with you. We rarely pass up a chance to see our men. We like to be alone sometimes too. But we’re with you because we love you. You may think we’re clingy but life is too short. Be appreciative that some one cares and looks forward to being around you.


Men, Appreciate Women, Who Go Through A Lot Naturally…K? Thanx!


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