You’re Doing It All Wrong! Find Your Next Job This Way..

Finding a job can be one of the most difficult things about adulthood. Whether you’ve never had one, in between jobs or are running from your current employer…here are some tips to help you land your next j.o.b!

update your resume

First of all, update your resume. So many of us have out-Your resume is your first impression to employers. They have the annoying job of having to scout for a new employee. To help them choose you and make their jobs easier; make sure your skills align with the job description, are clear and insightful. It is important to give them a good idea of your past work and how they relate to the current job. Also, you should link up with someone you know who has a great vocabulary to help you proofread and choose the right words to articulate to the scout. Sometimes our idea of what is good, just isn’t good enough. So make sure you can stand out with a great resume. No crazy font or colors either!

join career websites

Second, join as many career websites as you can. When it comes to posted ads, you’re competing with a ton of people! Join these websites to know who is hiring but don’t spend too much time applying this way. One of the best things to do, is to contact the company directly so that you can send a direct email to the person in charge. This by passes all of the funny business and makes the company more familiar with you. It also shows that you are serious about joining their organization.

utilize your network

Third, reach out to people you know. Most job seekers forgot to do this! LinkedIn is a huge tool to pay attention to your network and their affiliated companies. If you have friends with awesome jobs, see if you can use them as a reference to get in the door. You never know what position you can fill and how fast you can fill it when you have a direct connection.

apply to companies and brands you love

Fourth, apply to companies and brands you love. Every large company needs employees that are passionate about their brand. Give yourself a greater sense of purpose and an inside look when you contribute to companies you admire. Go to that official website and scroll down to the CAREER or JOBS link and apply!

keep your eyes open

Fifth, keep your eyes open. Some businesses still do things the old school way by posting HELP WANTED and NOW HIRING signs. If you see these, stop in and ask about available positions. You never know what you may stumble upon.

go back to a previous employer

Sixth, go back to a previous employer. If your skills have changed, you’ve matured and think you can contribute to a company you’ve previously worked for….apply to corporate positions. It will be great that you have invested time in their business and made a contribution to their success in some way. Companies will appreciate you coming back and be eager to take advantage of your growth. Example: If you worked at Payless after high school but now have a Marketing Degree. Go back and apply to their marketing department!


Those are our six unique tips for landing a job, enjoy and let us know of your success!

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