Do You Ever Cross His Mind? | Dating

Just like you may go to his Twitter from time to time or search him up on Facebook, he most likely does the same to you.

It could be someone recent or from the past. That one guy you just can’t help thinking about from time to time. You think about him often, then wonder if you ever cross his mind. It’s an annoying question that has no certainty or real answer unless you ask. But I am here to tell you, you certainly do.

He may be a bit more stubborn than you and have some more willpower but you do cross his mind. Just because he doesn’t have the urge to text or pick up the phone, doesn’t mean he has some post break up amnesia. Hell, even I think about some of the most miniscule people in my life. Sometimes I think about the post man or a childhood frenemie. So he does think about you.

One thing I’ve learned about some men is that they are always looking. They can’t help it. I’m pretty sure someone I’ve dated is reading this right now. Just like you may go to his Twitter from time to time or search him up on Facebook, he most likely does the same to you.

One guy I was talking to would say things like, you must really love that song or I can tell you know a lot of people. He wouldn’t know that from conversation because we didn’t talk about that song more than once or tell him the people know. He even knew what magazine I interned at. Mhmmm, cause he and other men do the same thing us girls do. And this was one of those guys who was M.I.A and didn’t seem super interested. But just like us girls fake, they do too.

If you really want to know if he thinks about you, block him on everything. Make sure he can’t see anything going on in your life. Don’t call him or text him and wait. If he thinks about you (at least in a positive way) he’ll say something. It might be a few days, weeks, months, maybe years later but he sure will say something again ha ha!

Also, something crazy about life are coincidences. When something or someone is on your mind, you seem to attract things that remind you of that person. Hey, you may even attract that person. I believe we are all connected, especially someone you’ve spent a lot of time with. It has been plenty of times where I thought a person and they hit me up out of the blue. It can happen.

So the short answer is, yes you cross his mind 😊.


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