When BAE Lives Far Away, Here’s What To Do!

We’ve quite a few readers write in and ask us about long distance relationships and how to handle them. Long Distance relationships are a bit trickier than other situations because you’re romantically involved with someone who lives far away. Figuring out ways to keep your partner interested can be exhausting. And even more exhausting, trying to trust your partner when they aren’t in your presence. Since we’ve been there and done that, we’ll share some tips on how we handled our long distance relationships in the past *pssssst they didn’t work out*!


#1 Keep Each Other Stimulated

One of the most important factors of your long distance relationship is communication. Without communication, there is no relationship. So! If you characterize yourself as a “bad communicator”, a long distance relationship is not for you! Get ready for hour long phone calls and lengthy FaceTime calls. In this situation, you must be willing to take the time to really get to know each other’s values, past and projected future. Your time together will consist of a lot of talking until you’re able to be with each other physically. One of the best advantages of this situation will be, having the time to really get to know your partner without being blinded by sex and physical attraction. Personally, in my past long distance relationship, I had enough time to see that that person was NOT for me. That conclusion was based off of his own neglect and me finally getting to know who he really was through COMMUNICATION.

Tip: I urge anyone who is in a long distance relationship, who finds that the communication is lack luster to cut it loose. Anyone who is that serious about you, will make time. Remember, communication is key.


#2 Always Have Something To Look Forward To

Always have something to look forward to. Since you rarely see this person, you must find a way to make it, make sense. For instance, a long distance relationship with no goals, might as well be a pen pal. Are you eventually relocating to the same place? Do you want to get married eventually? Know the end goal so you aren’t spinning your wheels for nothing! And if those goals are too serious, plan vacations together or save up to visit each other on the weekends. Whether you’re a road trip or plane trip apart, there should always be a plan to meet in the future. Without any plans it’s easy for one of you to say, “What am I doing this for?” and throw it all away. So plan! This will help keep everything exciting!

Tip: Sexy facetime calls are awesome! You can’t be there physically but you can definitely entice through video chat!


Those are our two tips for dating long distance. Communicate and always have an end goal. Along with trust, meaningful conversation and true love…you definitely can make it work in the long run!

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