Did He Leave You On Read? Here’s Probably Why….

Don’t you hate when you’re talking to a guy constantly, all day and night, then communication becomes scarce. You’ve gotten used to that warm fuzzy feeling when you see that notification with his name on it. You anticipate his next words and are highly amused with each response. That is until he goes M.I.A. all of a sudden. Then you’re left anxiously waiting for him to reply… Minutes, hours or days go by and he’s left you hanging. It sucks but here’s probably why he hasn’t responded.

He’s Not A Big Texter

He sure was a couple of days ago…but he probably was consistent just to touch bases with you. Not everybody is addicted to their phone and checking their social media every couple of minutes.

He’s Busy

Some people are actually diligent and are focused on what they’re doing. If he’s determined he might feel as though he needs to cut out all of the noise to get his work done. Ain’t nothing wrong with a hard working man.

He Plays Games

I know this from personal experience. So he won’t seem too pressed, he might give some time inbetween responses, just it doesn’t seem like he’s all over you. Or he might want to see how you react emotionally to his disappearing act. Hey, I’ve done it. And I know some guys do it too.

He’s Not Intersted

He enjoys talking to you but doesn’t want to boo-love with you. So he could be keeping his distance so you don’t get the wrong idea. He might just want to be a free agent.

He’s With Someone Else

Guys out here are ruthless. He could already have a girl or is talking to multiples. He could have stopped texting because his girlfriend is around or caught on to him. Or he’s too busy entertaining another girl. In other words he might be a playa playa.

He’s Trying To Figure Out His Feelings

I don’t too much believe in this but guys use the word, “intimidated”, when they like a girl but don’t want to get their hopes up too high. He might really like talking to you but don’t want to jump all the way in for the sake of his own feelings.

Those are a few of the possible reasons why he isn’t texting back besides losing his phone or breaking it. It sucks I know but he’ll say something eventually. If he doesn’t, there’s plenty of fish in the sea ❤️!

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